Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome Starcraft 2

I've finally caved! I decided Starcraft 2 was too great of a game to resist buying due to it's selfish $60 price tag.

Add me, my SC2 name is: Oleg
code: 706

Here's a little something to wet your taste buds, from the last Starcraft 2 GSL Tournament in Korea.

Two of the great Starcraft players: SlayerS_`BoxeR` and Fruitdealer


Anonymous said...

awesome video!

TravisTouchdown said...

gyahhhhhh i need to buy it! i had a trial but for only seven hours of gameplay and it ran out!

Anonymous said...

Played Starcraft 2 at a friend's house. Was really cool with all the different units. He also showed me these youtube vids of these tournament level guys playing. My god, their mouse cursor was flying across the screen so fast. They must play this game like it's a job. Which they probably do.