Friday, November 19, 2010

New iPad Game: Rage

Today John Carmack, the co-creator of Doom, released what appears to be the most graphically stunning iPad game to date. Rage is an on-rails first person shooter developed specifically for iOS and the iPad.

Rage is a standard zombie shooter, with a tap to shoot interface, using your left hand to aim. It offers one of the best, and most familiar first person shooter experiences on the iPad and iPhone.

The main reason Rage was put on rails was to keep the file size of the game down, the HD version already exceeds 1gb. However, control wise the automated walking benefits the game as the iPad has poor controls, and is very limited compared to a dual-analog or mouse and keyboard system.

Carmack explains that this game doesn't reach the full potential of the iPad, despite it's crisp appearance, and he hopes to develop further games to challenge even console gaming.

Here's a video demo I found, showing off both the iPad and iPhone versions.


Tresni said...

Hmm seems pretty good, well for an Ipad :)

Anonymous said...

damn i need an ipad!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one sweet looking zombie game! Of course you can't compare it to a game made for the PC, but like Tresni said, for playing it on an iPad, it looks pretty good.

ImmaFrog said...

incredible game

Diego said...

Now i have to get an ipad :P