Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A New Direction for Static Couch

Here is something I did up for Static Couch. I've been considering making the site into a weekly (or every few days) episode series. If anyone knows about G4's canceled TV show Cinematech, then this may look familiar to you. I would like to continue on the spirit of a show which I liked so much growing up. So enjoy, and leave some feedback on what I can do to make the episodes better if you can.

The initial load time may take a bit, but give it a minute. It's a big file, but the quality is still sub par. If this were to become a continual thing, I would invest in a higher quality video host.


Anonymous said...

vid quality may be subpar but the production qual was excellent. i made popcorn

TechnoMac said...

that is just an awesome idea said...

hmm very cool idea