Monday, November 15, 2010

The iPad Dilemma

Yes, I am considering buying an Apple iPad. I already own an iPhone 3g. Despite going to college full time, I also manage 30-40 hour work weeks; this allows some disposable income every once in a while. I'm also selling my PS3 on ebay >_>

To begin, I am a devout PC gaming and computer enthusiast. I build all my own computers as many people do today, but the iPad has shown a few things which I covet in a portable media platform. I often look at a mac's specs and think overpriced, trendy, Starbucks going bullshit; with things like $200 for a 1gb ram upgrade coming to mind. But here, with the iPad, I see a platform that is not comparable to an Asus, HP or Dell device, and is reasonably priced at the lower models. Sure tablet PCs have been around for years, but in terms of the sheer usefulness to price/portability ratio, the iPad offers something new. Many people have argued it's simply a larger iPhone or iPod Touch, which in essence it is, but that's exactly what was needed to boost the value to the next level and invade netbook/laptop territory.

As someone with a powerful desktop which I already use for photoshop, illustrator, video editing and gaming, I need a portable device for the web and getting work done on campus or around the house. The iPhone is great in a pinch, but for extended work sessions away from home, the battery life runs thin and you run the risk of being without a phone (something we take for granted far too often).

Here are the pros and cons I have found when comparing an iPad to a laptop for mobile work.

Dell XPS M1530 Laptop -


1. 15.6 inches, somewhat large
2. Is awkward to balance on lap and type
3. Burns my legs (almost)
4. Battery lasts 3-4 hours with regular usage (web, videos music)
5. Current battery I have doesn't even charge after 1 year of use. (longevity is weak)
6. My model's retail: $970


1. Processing/video power and speed (Intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram, 8600m gt)
2. Full desktop workstation abilities
3. Mouse/touchpad/keyboard
4. USB ports, larger HDD storage

The iPad -


1. Weak, single core processor
2. No raw file management system
3. Limited connection ports (actually only 1, the stupid charging port)
4. Apps limit full range of a normal computer's abilities


1. Touch interface for quick actions
2. Book-like portability
3. amazing battery life (~10 hours of web browsing, more for music)
4. Expansive application list create ease of use
5. 16gb model's retail: $599

What experiences have other people had with the iPad?


Rorschach Redemption said...

You sound like you are already leaning towards the iPad (of which I have had 15 minutes experience with) and the specs are over my head.

Anonymous said...


woshdatosh said...

well i got it in my hands for about 1 hour and..yes maybe its cool and stuff but you cant really do some serious work i wouldn replace a laptop, never its just a nice (but expensive) toy

Monster Madness said...

I'm not quite sure what I would want :/

One said...

I think an ipad would be a good alternative to a netbook, rather than a solid laptop.