Friday, May 11, 2012

Choosing a Programming Language - A Daring Dilemma

    As an ongoing student and fairly new computer science major, I am stricken with the inevitable choice all programmers must eventually face- deciding on a coding language to learn. Upon first glancing at a list of potential computer programming languages, I found myself overwhelmed. I quickly became lost in an industry which was unsuspectingly rich in scope, blanketed with challenging terminology, and always lacking the simple descriptions (perhaps as a deterrence for those not belonging to the exclusive programming club). The languages of the computer world were harder to grasp than I originally had thought, and as I continued researching I would only encounter more unknowns.

    Eventually, after a perpetual circle of bouncing from decision A to decision B and waging all the factors, I came to the only correct conclusion. I learned the solution to my dilemma is to just dive head first into one programming language and don't look back until I've mastered it. I was only wasting time trying to find the "perfect" choice, and I was diluting my analyses with days of reading biased opinions and reviewing excessive information from the coding community. Sometimes you just have to tighten up, make a decision, then stick with the results and hunker down in the books for a year. So I did, I chose a language and I'm going to stick with it for a year before I come back to my decision.

    Maybe one year is all it takes. In on year you'll garner more experience on the subject to get you to your goal, or possibly just reveal the correct path. Regardless of the choice, a decision will educate you on something useful and give you experience in your field, whereas no decision will result in zero progress. The best things happen where you least expect them; hopefully, the decision you make will reveal an amazing skill you enjoy using and possibly, barring a few more years, land you on the career path you want.