Friday, October 29, 2010

Steam Account Giveaway!!!! (Details Inside)

Good News! I have a Steam account laying around with a couple of games on it that I got from a friend a while back. It's just sitting around gathering dust. So...I thought I would use it to help better my blog. Since this site is all about electronic stuff, I thought I would give back something familiar to the community in the hopes they will continue to visit here.

The account which I'll be giving away has Counter Strike: Source and Day of Defeat: Source. You can change the e-mail and all that stuff when you get it. The lucky winner will be chosen at random using the random# function on a calculator. Your comment is the number which you will be entered as. For example if I'm the 4th comment down I'll be entered as #4, the 13th comment will be #13 and so on. I also have another account that my girlfriend doesn't want with TF2 on it that may come up one day *hint* *hint* So look for more promotional giveaways soon!

I hope to one day run my own successful website/company, and possibly extend my abilities of journalism into a career. Feel free to examine some of my more competent attempts at blogging here or here, and take a look around my sites.

All I ask in return is that you visit the site often, and help me to make it better and more appealing. Constructive comments are always appreciated!!

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment on this post with some constructive criticism for this blog and a way to be contacted (preferably e-mail). Any decent idea will do; something that might boost traffic, or just a good plan to implement. Try not to repeat others if possible. If someone has a revolutionary idea, I may just gift them Dogfighter on steam (cool flying game, only $1.50 on sale, but hey, it would be free for you) Good luck to all that read this and are lucky enough to enter.

You may only enter ONCE, and only once. Any further entries will result in your omission from the drawing.
Posts not contributing legitimate help will be discarded. I'm doing this for you guys, so try not to abuse me lol.
The winner must comment on this post to verify he/she has won, and inform the other entrants of the contest's legitimacy.
(subject to minor changes I may have forgotten)

The winner will be announced Thursday, November 4th, 2010. If this post does not reach at least 30 comments by that point, the contest will be null and it will be reposted November 5th, 2010.

No, it doesn't come with CoH. That's just on there by accident. (note the purchase button)


Mr. Moment said...

I dont even want it, but Im posting!

Lossy555 said...

Hell yeah! Cool!

astro pix said...

Entering! I used to be in a Day of Defeat clan back in the day, I've been dying to try it out for source!!

ImmaFrog said...

woa! i want one

Rakka147 said...

I should tell my friend... he desperately wants steam

gnjili shepard said...

steam, i have it. but thanks anyway.

~Andrew Wilson said...

Tight :D

Astra said...

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Gerardo said...

Try doing video reviews on youtube on stuff and mentioning your blog in them, people always want reviews to know what they should consider getting when it comes to elctronics

Mr. Alden said...

Loving the site, great ideas and promotionals. A small note though, your checkered background, the whole jagged look is a tad harsh on the eyes for some reason, try solid a checkered background? :)

Anonymous said...

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