Friday, October 29, 2010

Button Design for Static Couch

I'm currently working on revamping Static Couch to look clean and fresh.
Here is a design I came up with my limited photoshop skills for a button on the main navigator menu. The main 3 categories of the site will be: Food, Games, Technology. So I'm currently designing an interesting menu option for each.


The Game Store Guy said...

Good idea, but too cluttered. The contrasting images and colors cause eye sore and frustration. Static Couch's design is very simplistic so you might think of designing a button with a little bit more open of a layout or at least with least images all shoved into a single button.

Good first draft though.

gnjili shepard said...

they look great.

Squirlmaster said...

Loving the feedback TGSG. I was thinking similarly; I just wasn't sure if the button would be large or smaller, which is why the background images now look cluttered and blurred lol. I'll continue to update ^_^


frankie, my cat. said...

Yeah, I can't say it fits with the layout, and even if it did, I think the background on the "food"-tags is a bit too much.