Sunday, August 7, 2011

American Politics Preventing Rebuilding: Just Get Over The Issues Already!

Let's face it, the US will never retrieve it's former economic dominance over the global market. The prominent disposition our country has held on Earth over the past 70 years was forged in the flames of a falling nation, and so the cycle will continue as the pieces begin to shift again. As the United States begins to slide away from it's once prominent pedestal, another power will seize the opportunity to supersede the world's leadership role. It appears an international shift of power is upon us, and just as the US propelled itself into the lead role during the mid-20th century, a new country will take up the reigns of financial steed . Those who have been patiently waiting in the shadows of America's boastful financial brooding have been busy biding their time and developing a firm base with which to capitalize on the changing tides of global influence.
Despite any flaws, The United States of America will undoubtedly go on to maintain it's classification as a major superpower of the world. However, the US will soon be joined by some feisty young initiates in courting the global dominance role. China, Brazil, the Saudis, and many other thriving nations have their targets set on usurping a wounded America and a chance to lead the pride. As financial woes are felt from coast to coast, it becomes increasingly obvious that there is no swift, magical bandage of law for politicians to conjure up and mend our nation's wounded structure. Other than simply continuing on with our meager lives and watch on helplessly as others make decisions for us, we the people of America must accept that no amount of politician bullshitting or paperwork plans will suddenly alleviate every issue. US citizens should stop worrying about what has already happened, and focus on moving forward towards rebuilding our nation's prominent American structure. Now is the time America should be focusing solely on fixing our own problems first.
Priority one is addressing the problems lurking within our own borders before worrying about any other country, period. There is no shame in shying away from the role of international babysitter and allowing other countries (via their ruling government or otherwise) to take responsibility for their actions as an independent nation. The UN was established to enforce justice through global unity, and as such it exists to maintain balance among the greater issues. Despite the existence of a unified global power created to bring balance, the United States chooses to hastily embark on fully fledged, tax-payer funded, democracy fueled crusades at the first sign Grandma's purse is stolen. Why don't we as a country just take a sociopolitical step back for a second and reconsider all the countless dollars being evaporated each day through the international brown nosing we strategically rain down in exchange for overpriced, oiled up happy endings. With a shift from an aggressive, resource draining military offensive, to an efficient and robust homeland defense, military costs could be temporarily reallocated to more pertinent areas.
Further preventing the US economic bucket from filling is the continual formation of financial leaks as more companies choose to budget and outsource, causing domestic capital to be launched overseas and kept away from working class pockets. Though irresistibly sweet savings pull US companies towards the international labor market, a focus on keeping the dollar closer to home shift America towards becoming a more self sufficient nation. Rather than constantly relying on foreign credit for major expenses, churning the home economy will provide more economic and financial flexibility. The idea of a home grown economy would result in a huge deterioration of credit-based finances; and who knows how that would turn out? But overall, the long run would average out better than now. By stimulating our local economy and ensuring US money keeps flowing back into American hands, we will perpetuate business from within and reduce America's addiction to credit. I'd imagine a country who pays itself upfront with tangible capital to be a little more trustworthy than the trillions of dollars drawn up from nothing and passed on invisibly to the payee; only a cold signature to promise you'll get the money eventually, or at least you hope.


NameBrands said...

This was an articulate, well thought out post. Excellent job.

Anonymous said...

too doom and gloom. dark and foreboding, with only emotion to back it up